Chromeleon 7.0

A Revolution in Chromatography Software

Discover Chromeleon® 7, the chromatography software that streamlines your path from samples to results. Enjoy rich, intelligent functionality and outstanding usability at the same time with Chromeleon® 7 - the Simply Intelligent chromatography software. Chromeleon® is a registered trademark, and Simply Intelligent, Operational Simplicity, Cobra and SmartPeaks are trademarks of Dionex Corporation.

Chromeleon 7.0

Enjoy Operational Simplicity
See how Chromeleon 7's thoughtfully designed user interface and visual cues guide you naturally through your chromatography.

Streamline Your Workflow
Simplify your analysis to just a few mouse clicks - without sacrificing flexibility - using the innovative eWorkflows feature.

Speed Up Data Analysis
Find out how much time you can save with Chromeleon 7's Cobra Peak Detection algorithm, SmartPeaks™ Integration Assistant, and dynamic interactive data processing.

Ensure Compliance
Satisfy regulatory requirements without sacrificing efficiency, using Chromeleon 7's integrated security system, audit trails, and version management tools.

Deliver Results
Get the most out your data quickly and easily, with powerful data mining tools and a built-in spreadsheet that updates dynamically.

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