Quaternary Analytical


The quaternary configuration of the UltiMate® 3000 Analytical System delivers technical and practical benefits to almost any research or routine laboratory in any application area. Method development groups can quickly and reproducibly scout the widest range of solvent options in manual mode or with full automation. Routine laboratories can quickly and effortlessly switch from one set of analysis conditions to another. In every case, the remarkable retention time precision delivered by the system's consistent flows, accurate solvent selection and high efficiency mixers will set a new performance standard for all other systems in the laboratory.

  • Convenient solvent selection for eluent preparation and system flushing
  • An unrestricted choice of gradient profiles-linear, stepped, concave, and convex-in any combination
  • Ultra-low carryover, high precision auto-injections
  • Wide range, thermostatted control of samples and columns
  • A complementary choice of high performance detectors
  • Biocompatible version