The ICS-2100 system is the first Reagent-Free™ ion chromatography system with electrolytic sample preparation ( RFIC-ESP™ system) and eluent generation (RFIC-EG™ system) capabilities designed to perform all types of electrolytically generated isocratic and gradient IC separations using conductivity detection. Microbore 2 mm columns and standard bore 4 mm columns are fully supported.

The ICS-2100 RFIC-ESP system now provides automation for many sample preparation techniques with multiple valving configurations and support for electrolytic sample preparation devices.

The ICS-2100 system provides high performance with unequalled ease-of-use when coupled with an AutoSuppression® device, such as the SRS® 300 suppressor. Chromeleon® software provides full control and digital data collection from a PC using simple USB connectivity.

Key Features

  • Automated eluent generation
  • LCD front panel control
  • Dual-piston pump
  • Column heater
  • Electrolytic suppression
  • Digital conductivity detection
  • Vacuum degas (option)
  • Optional 6- or 10-port valve
  • Optional RFIC-ESP water purifier
  • USB connectivity, plug-n-play
  • Electronic logbook and trending through virtual channels


  • RFIC-ESP system accessories enable control of electrolytic sample preparation devices such as water purifiers and sample conditioners.
  • Sample preparation capabilities extend the range of the instrument into areas, such as on-line filtration, matrix elimination, neutralization, and ultratrace analysis.
  • Flexible flow rates support 2, 3, 4, and 5 mm column formats.
  • Column heater provides day-to-day consistency, ensuring reproducibility and stability. Preheating of the eluent prior to the column maintains the column temperature set by the user. A transparent cover allows viewing of the column without temperature disruption.

Achieve Results without the Problems and Cost of Manual Eluent Preparation and Now Automate Sample Preparation

Reagent-Free systems convert deionized water into high-purity eluents on-line, eliminating the labor of eluent preparation. In addition to being fully integrated, the ICS-2100 ships fully preconfigured, factory plumbed, and tested for immediate startup and performance. You begin to collect data within hours of installation. The ICS-2100 performs all types of IC separations using conductivity detection. With a space-conserving small-footprint design, the ICS-2100 occupies minimal bench space yet provides easy access to all vital system components. A new, integrated auxiliary valve available as an option enables a wide range of automated sample preparation techniques including on-line filtration, matrix elimination, and automatic reduced-volume reinjection of samples. Save time and money!

ICS-2100 Reagent-Free Ion Chromatography System