ICS-5000 CD Conductivity Detector

ICS-5000 CD Conductivity Detector

The CD Conductivity Detector handles any IC application, from single column methods with high background signals to determination of trace contaminants in high purity water, without cumbersome range change distortions. The new capillary CD detector for capillary flow rates is volume optimized and does not require a heat-exchanger.

Capillary CD Detector Features:

  • Flow optimized for capillary applications
  • Minimum cell volume (0.02 µL)

Key Features for Analytical and Capillary CD Detectors:

  • Microprocessor-controlled digital signal processing detects high and low concentrations
  • Large dynamic range-up to 15,000 μS/cm
  • Snap-in design, no cables or tools required for installation
  • Minimizes noise while maximizing sensitivity
  • Electronics integrated between the cell and detector for greater stability
  • Independent temperature control, separate from the rest of the DC module