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ICS-5000 DC Detector/Chromatography Compartment

ICS-5000 DC Detector/Chromatography Compartment

This compartment houses the detector, suppressor control, column thermal controller, and the preparation module. This combination provides complete tubing thermal stability and short connections between components. The CD and ED detectors are easy to install for immediate use.

  • High performance dual zone thermal control provides two independent temperatures
  • Innovative electrochemical detection technology
  • CD conductivity detector features advanced electronics for superior detection
  • Dual conductivity and electrochemical detection provides increased flexibility and utility
  • Optional AM Automation Manager with flexible valving configurations for eluent addition and sample handling
  • Supports AutoPrep, preconcentration, AutoNeutralization, matrix elimination, and postcolumn reagent addition
  • Valve control integral to software, eliminating complicated TTL or relay programming

With the DC's flexible configuration, dual zone thermostatting, and Chromeleon® software control, your possibilities have more than doubled. Configure your system for simultaneous injection and perform both anion and cation analysis with one injection. Perform two different anion applications or eliminate dilutions from unknown samples by running the same application with large loop/small loop injections.