ICS-5000 EG Eluent Generator

The ICS-5000 Eluent Generator takes the guesswork and complexity out of ion chromatography. The Eluent Generator module (EG) provides the benefits of a Reagent-Free IC (RFIC) system with eluent generation (RFIC-EG) to produce eluent automatically from deionized water. Stable, robust electronics provide an extremely stable baseline and generate high-purity eluents (up to 200 mM in capillary formats) on-line, making gradient separations as easy as isocratic; with just a click of the mouse. The EG's slide-out tray provides easy access to the cartridges, CR-TC and fluidic connections, making IC more convenient than ever.

ICS-5000 EG Eluent Generator Analytical

ICS-5000 EG Eluent Generator Capillary

Analytical module
Capillary module


Capillary EG Cartridge Benefits:

  • Available in hydroxide and methanesulfonic acid (MSA) versions for anion and cation separations
  • Delivers eluent concentrations from 0.01 up to 200 mM for KOH and MSA
  • Maximum pressure rating 5000 psi
  • Flow rates from 0.001 to 0.03 mL/min

Analytical EG Cartridge Benefits:

  • Available in carbonate/bicarbonate, hydroxide and MSA versions for anion and cation separations
  • Delivers eluent concentrations from 0.01 to 100 mM
  • Maximum pressure rating 3000 psi
  • Flow rates from 0.01 to 3.00 mL/min

Key Features and Benefits for Analytical and Capillary Cartridges:

  • EG Module supports analytical and capillary cartridges
  • New Chip-based technology means no need to enter cartridge serial numbers, improving ease-of-use and eliminating errors
  • Generates high-purity, carbonate-free hydroxide eluent from deionized water
  • Produces high performance gradients with the click of a mouse
  • Minimizes baseline drift
  • Improves retention time stability and resolution
  • Provides excellent run-to-run reproducibility
  • Extends the lifetime of pistons and pump seals by pumping only water
  • Built-in leak sensor and operator alert for maximum system safety

Reagent-Free IC (RFIC) systems are compatible with most applications by providing carbonate/bicarbonate, hydroxide and methanesulfonic acid eluents including gradients. Just add water to generate the perfect eluent for your application automatically.