ICS-5000 IC Cube

ICS-5000 IC CubeAt the heart of the ICS-5000 capillary system is the IC Cube; the latest innovation from Dionex.  The IC Cube module integrates all the capillary consumables used in the capillary system into one, convenient, easy-to-use package. With pre-cut, pre-formed tubing and easy-to-use cartridge-based consumables, the IC Cube has taken ease-of-use to a whole new level.  Half the connections of an analytical IC system and color-coded connections round-out the ease-of-use improvements on the ICS-5000 with the IC Cube module.

Better still, the ICS-5000 holds two IC Cubes, making dual channel analysis in capillary mode simple to set-up and perform.  Each of the column compartments in the IC Cube can be set to different temperatures, allowing the instrument to perform anion analysis at 30 °C and cation analysis in the second channel at 60 °C.

IC Cube Components:

  • Suppressor (Anion or Cation Capillary Electrolytic Suppressor (ACES/CCES)
  • 4-port, 2 position 0.4 μL internal loop valve.
  • Carbonate Removal Device (CRD 200)
  • Guard and Separation Column Compartment (temperature controlled)
  • Eluent Degasser (EG Degas)

Features and Benefits of the IC Cube:

  • Each IC Cube has independent temperature control for the column
  • Minimum dead-volume due to close proximity of cube cartridges
  • Half the connections of an analytical based system
  • Cartridges are easy to add and remove
  • Color-coded labels and connections