Reagent-Free Ion Chromatography with Electrolytic Sample Preparation

RFIC-ESP systems enable a range of automated sample preparation techniques which utilize proprietary electrolytic devices to provide reduced cost and higher value analyses.

RFIC-ESP devices and techniques can be used for removing cations from an anion sample before analysis by using a Dionex CR-TC device, or neutralizing a strongly acidic or basic solution-25% phosphoric acid or  sodium hydroxide solutions, for example-with an AutoNeutralization device. A new Electrolytic Water Purifier is available which provides water of extremely high purity (backgrounds below sub ng/L levels are possible) for use in trace-level analytical work where use of a concentrator column is necessary.

RFIC-ESP Systems Provide Several Advantages:

  • Automated techniques are highly reproducible, instrument-to-instrument and lab-to-lab
  • Automated techniques are not prone to human error and inconsistencies, as are manual methods
  • Reduced manual operation results in reduced labor costs and sample processing time
  • No sample loading pump is necessary, resulting in reduced system costs
  • Ultra low backgrounds from online electrolytic water purification, permit routine ng/L level trace analysis
  • Automated purification, concentration, and calibrations all reduce labor costs and improve result quality