RFIC with eluent generation

RFIC-EG systems have redefined ion chromatography by making it simpler, more powerful, and more reliable. Just add water, and the RFIC-EG system delivers superior results while saving you time and labor.

What Are RFIC-EG Systems?

RFIC-EG systems combine automated eluent generation, continuously regenerated trap columns, and self-regenerating suppression to make IC easier and more powerful than ever before. You no longer need to spend time preparing eluents and regenerants, or taking trap columns off-line to regenerate them. All you need is deionized water-the Dionex IC system takes care of the rest. With an RFIC-EG system, the ion chromatograph electrolytically creates the eluents and regenerants required for IC applications.

In addition to saving time, labor, and operating costs, RFIC-EG systems eliminate errors associated with manual eluent preparation. This effectively improves method reproducibility, day to day, week to week, lab to lab.

Superior Chemistries that Provide Superior Results

From ordinary deionized water, RFIC-EG systems generate high-purity eluents that perform superior separations, then neutralizes them back to plain water in the suppression step. RFIC-EG chemistries not only yield maximum signal-to-noise ratios for your analytes, they also make your instrument environmentally friendly, because acidic or alkaline waste streams are reduced by eliminating external regenerants. With the industry-leading column chemistries from Dionex, you get separations with speed, specificity, and ruggedness beyond compare.

Save Time, Labor, and Costly Errors

In addition to saving time, labor, and operating costs, RFIC-EG systems eliminate variability and errors associated with manual eluent preparation. This consistency effectively improves method reproducibility, day to day, week to week, and lab to lab.

Maximize Productivity and Uptime

RFIC-EG systems take the manual labor out of ion chromatography, and are easy to learn and use. Furthermore, by running an IC system that pumps only deionized water, you increase the lifetime of pump seals and pistons.

Comply with EPA Requirements

Laboratories performing anion methods approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) can now enjoy the benefits that RFIC-EG systems offer. The agency's Statistics and Analytical Support Branch and the Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water's Technical Support Center have concluded that the use of hydroxide eluents falls within the method flexibility allowed in EPA Methods 300.0 and 300.1 for determining inorganic anions. With the hydroxide-selective AS18 column, common anions in variety of sample matrices can be rapidly separated with high resolution, excellent peak shape, and superior reproducibility-all with the simplicity of an RFIC-EG system.

Streamline Your Cation Methods

Cation-exchange IC methods are also made easier using RFIC-EG systems with cation-exchange columns. The MSA eluent used with the IonPac® CS12A and CS16 columns is easy to program into the application method and allows isocratic separation of Group I and Group II cations and ammonium.

Turn Trace Analysis into Routine Analysis

Eluent generation makes trace-level analysis of anions and cations routine. The ultrapure hydroxide produced by the EGC II KOH cartridge results in a low, stable baseline that makes integration easier. Using the eluent generator with the CR-TC trap columns minimizes baseline shift during the step changes or gradients. For cation determinations, the EGC II MSA cartridge delivers ultrapure MSA for a low, stable baseline and reproducible retention times.