rapid N exceed

rapid N exceed - analyzer for the rapid determination of streaming nitrogen / protein

One of the most successful Dumas N-Protein analysers has undergone a dramatic change in functionality. The step from the rapid N cube to the rapid N exceed shows improvements which have not been seen in the world of elemental analysis since the introduction of the “cube” system in 2006.  

Analyzer for fast and totally secure determination of nitrogen (protein) in food, environmental samples (soil), in mineral and organic fertilizers, animal feeds and others by Combustion method by Dumas.

Sample weight: up to 1 g organic sample  or up to 1 ml of liquid samples (with option capsule sealing press).
Dynamic range: 0 – 500 mg N absolute (or 100% N); Sulfur -  up to 20 mg (optional)
Detection limit: < 20 ppm N
Precision: < 0.05% abs. standard deviation (approx. 300 mg test substance)

Analysis time from sample to sample is approx. 4 minutes. 

Rapid N Exceeded

The device includes a base unit built autosampler for 60 samples weighing up to 1 g, or optional 120 samples for up to approx. 300 mg weight in one integrated magazine . Samples can be further added at any time during operation.

New design ball valve allows the sample loading into the furnace of burning without getting nitrogen from the atmosphere, which eliminates the need for a series of blank experiments. Long, trouble-free operation due to magnetically operated safety shield between ball valve and combustion zone.

The Dumas combustion method

The basis is the combustion of a sample at high temperature Т = 950°C with an excess of oxygen in a robust stainless steel tube. An oxygen concentration of 100% is reached by jet injection directly at the sample. This results in an oxygen saving of 95% compared to other analyzers. The combustion gases are transferred to a second furnace for catalytic post oxidation. This ensures that even high concentrations of organic components are completely oxidized. The reduction of the nitric oxides into molecular nitrogen takes place in a third furnace and swept by the carrier gas (There is no need for CO2 removal due to the efficient use of CO2 as carrier gas). This step is only available in “Elementar” systems and is the only way to overcome incomplete combustion of macro samples. After cleaning and drying of the gases is carried out detection in a thermoconductivity cell (TCD). In connection with an electronic mass flow controller directly before the detector an excellent long time stability can be reached. The furnished instrument calibration can be used for months or even years. The computer calculates the nitrogen content by means of a stored calibration curve. Protein is calculated by multiplying the % nitrogen by a factor, e.g. 6.25 in most cases. The combustion method is quasi absolute, i.e. with one basic calibration the accurate measurement of nitrogen in different substances and compositions is possible.

  • In combination with the three stage gas drying system maintenance intervals are dramatically increased and serve for highest sample throughput.
  • The measurement of the complete gas stream allows the online monitoring of the combustion process and automatic decrease of the analysis time and oxygen demand.
  • Modern electronics and instrument software under Windows® professional, for the user friendly operation and data evaluation of the analyzer (English or German) via a connected PC.
  • Integrated user maintenance software with automatic leak test, wake-up/sleep function, direct data export into Excel® and connection to LIMS and other data networks.
  • All operation functions and checks incl. gas flows and pressures are digitally controlled and/or readout capable. Thus a remote diagnosis and operation via the internet is possible.
  • Easy to maintain and cost efficient long term operation. High safety standard, e.g. by low voltage in the entire instrument incl. furnaces.

10 years furnace guarantee.

Supply gases:

  • О2: 99,995% purity
  • СО2: 99,995% purity

Optionally possible to determine the sulfur content in the IR detector.

Method of analysis:

  • ГОСТ Р ИСО 16634-1-2011 Продукты пищевые. Определение общего содержания азота путем сжигания по методу Дюма и расчет содержания сырого протеина. Часть 1. Масличные культуры и корма для животных
  • ГОСТ Р 54390-2011  Продукты пищевые. Определение общего содержания азота путем сжигания по методу Дюма и расчет содержания белка. Часть 2. Зерновые, бобовые и молотые зерновые продукты
  • AOAC 990.03, AOAC 992.15, AOAC 993.13, DIN/ISO 13878, ISO 16634-1,2, DIN EN ISO 14891 (milk and dairy products), DIN/ISO 13878, AOAC 968.06, AOAC 992.23, ASBC, AACC, FGIS, AOAC, CGC (for fertilizer, meat, meat produce, cereals, oil seed, oil seeds, brewing grain, flour, animal feed)


Dimensions (WxDxH):

480 x 550 x 550 mm


approx. 65 kg net

Nominal voltage:

100 - 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Connected load:

0.6 kW