Elemental analyzer inductor CS cube



Precision analyzer inductar CS cube equipped high-performance solid-state induction furnace, which reaching a temperature up to 2,000 ° C. The instrument INDUCTAR®  placed a samples in a reusable ceramic crucibles fed for analysis to a vertical position. In a pure oxygen atmosphere the sample is introduced to the induction furnace. Unlike conventional systems, the inductar series feeds the sample from the top. The high temperature in the furnace converts traces of sulfur and carbon from the sample into sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. After detection of sulfur dioxide by use of an IR detector, carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide are oxidized to carbon dioxide and sulfur trioxide. In the next step sulfur trioxide is removed from the gas flow. Finally a second IR detector determines the carbon dioxide concentration.

 Manual injection or fully automated autosampler for 90 positions:

inductar4       inductar5



• Compact design

• Minimized dust and debris

• Manual operation or fully automated with up to 89 sample positions

• Solid-state technology for energy-efficient and longliving induction furnace

• Optimized for secure and unattended 24 / 7 operation

• Easy and tool-free maintenance


Technical specifications

Analysis method:  High temperature combustion of the sample and conversion of the elements into gaseous  products.

Operation mode:     CS

Measuring range:    C: 0 - 60 mg absolute or 0 - 100 %

                                S: 0 - 5 mg absolute or 0 - 100 %

Standard deviation: C: 1 ppm absolute or 0.5 % RSD whichever is greater

                                S: 1 ppm absolute or 1 % RSD whichever is greater

Autosampler:          Up to 90 positions.

                                Manual entry. Reusable ceramic crucibles.

Required gases:      Oxygen 99.5 % or better


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