Sulfur analyzers


Based on the worldwide longest tradition in the analysis of the elements CHNS and O Elementar has developed a sulfur analyzer (rapid CS cube) which combines highest analytical performance with automatic sample throughput. The sample handling by pelleting or use of tin capsules and fully automatic injection into a high temperature combustion zone is typical for our elemental analyzers. The fast and sensitive SO2 determination by means of IR detection is specific to the requirements of sulfur analysis, e.g. in coal. It is characterized by special sensitivity and easy handling.

The requirements for lowering the detection limits for sulfur in gasoline, diesel and other hydrocarbons are becoming more and more stringent. trace SN cube liquid injection has been developed to meet the industries needs for high precision at the lowest concentration levels. New patent pending technology results in a lower detection limit of approx. 10 ppb. The vario TRACE S analyzer utilizes combustion with UV fluorescence detection according to ASTM D 5453 and D 6667 DIN ISO 20846 (draft).

The elements sulfur and nitrogen are found in low concentrations in hydrocarbons such as gasoline, diesel or natural gas. trace SN cube liquid injection is a new concept for an analytical combination instrument. Two complete separate combustion and detection channels are incorporated into one analyzer, sharing just the liquid automatic injector (making two separate injections) and electronic control and processing. This allows the ideal analytical conditions and catalysts to be used for each analysis without any compromise. It also results in significant cost and space savings compared to two separate analyzers. The methods are according to ASTM D 5453, D 6667, D 4629 and DIN ISO 20846 (draft). Trace analysis with safe and fully automatic operation.