rapid CS cube

Analyzer for fast and absolutely safe measurement of sulphur by high temperature combustion method of solid samples up to 1 g or 1 ml of liquid samples (with option capsule sealing press).

Due to the latest developments in micro-electronics and mechanics the rapid S cube is the most compact automatic sulphur analyzer for all organic and most inorganic samples with a measuring range of up to 20 mg S absolute.


Analysis time from sample to sample is approx. 5 minutes. Automatic sampler for 60 samples up to approx. 1 g or optional 120 samples for up to approx. 300 mg weight in one integrated carousel. Samples can be added at any time during operation.

Blank free sample injection by Elementar's patented and reliable ball valve. Combustion temperature near 1200°C in a quartz glass reaction tube in a pure oxygen gas stream. A temporary combustion temperature of 1800°C is reached. The combustion gases are transferred to a catalyst for post oxidation. This ensures that even high concentrations of organic components are oxidized. An effective drying allows the measurements also of liquid samples.

Subsequently, the formed SO2 is measured with a wide range NDIR-detector with special advantages in terms of low noise and spectral interference levels. An excellent long term stability can be reached. The furnished instrument calibration can be used for months. The measurement of the complete gas stream allows the online monitoring of the combustion process and automatic setting of the optimum analysis time.

Modern electronics and instrument software under Windows® XP Professional or Vista Business for the user friendly operation and data evaluation of the analyzer (English or German) via a connected PC.

Integrated user maintenance software with automatic wake-up/sleep function, direct data export into Excel® and connection to LIMS and other data networks.

All operation functions and checks incl. gas flows and pressures are digitally controlled and/or readout capable. Thus a remote diagnosis and operation via the internet is possible.

Easy to maintain and cost efficient long term operation. High safety standard, e.g. by low voltage in the entire instrument incl. furnaces.

10 years furnace guarantee.

Dimensions (WxDxH): 480 x 550 x 550 mm
Weight:   approx. 60 kg net
Nominal voltage: 100 - 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Connected load: 0.6 kW