TOC analyser (VarioТОC cube)

Analyser for simultaneous determination of total organic carbon and total bound nitrogen

Revolutionary, newly designed analyzer for the determination of organically and inorganically bound carbon in liquids, slurries and solids.


  • High sensitive system with 3ppb detection limit in combination with low carbon IR
  • Matrix separation system (patent pending) for long, uninterrupted operation even with difficult samples like sea water or brine
  • TNb detection by chemoluminescence, IR or electrochemical detection enables a measuring range from 100 ppb (ECD) up to 50,000 ppm (NDIR)
  • Solids module for determination of TC/TOC in solid samples. Automatic sample feeding optional.
  • Freely adjustible injection volume from 50µl up to 3,000µl
  • Integrated automated sample feeder with 32,50 or 80 pos. No additional bench space is required. The 32 pos. sampler accepts certified TOC vials.
  • Comfortable, fully automated multipoint calibration out of 1 standard solution by different injection volumes or with dilution series.
  • Automated outlier elimination
  • Solids module by means of tin capsule technique, applicable for sample amount of just a few µg up to 1g, switching from solids to liquids mode within less than 5 minutes
  • Automated sample feeding for solid samples (unique in TOC analysis) with 60, 80 or 120 positions by long time proven ball valve technique.
  • Analysis time just 2-3 min. for TC determination in solids.
  • Easy, screwless 5-side access to the whole instrument, all spear and wear parts easily accessible just behind the front door.
  • Maintenance-free, 3-step condensing system for effective gas drying
  • Integrated maintenance software with free selectable cleaning cycles, automatic leak test, sleep/wakeup function, real-time control of all instrument parameters like pressure, temperature, gas flow
  • In accordance with requirements of EU Pharmacopoeia, software package for 21CFR part 11 compliance available
  • Advanced mathematical post processing functions like statistical evaluation, automatic or manual peak integration, direct data export to MS Excel
  • Complete set of initial outfit for installation of the analyzer including consumables for approx. 1,000 analysis.
  • Detailed electronic operating manual, fully integrated into the software.
  • 10 years furnace guarantee.

Analysis modes: Direct Mode for TOC determination, Difference Mode for TC/TIC determination, POC mode, Solids mode

Measuring ranges:

TOC: 3ppb-25,000ppm TOC with low C detector
6ppb-30 mg abs. TOC with standard C detector with solids extension kit
TNb: 100ppb-700ppm with electrochemical detection
250ppb-50,000ppm with IR detection
500ppb-200ppm with chemoluminescence detection

* range depending of sample type and mode

Dimensions (WxDxH): 480 x 550 x 550 mm
approx. 65 kg net
Nominal voltage: 230 / 110 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Max.connected load: 1.8 kW