Vario micro cube

Analyzer for simultaneous C-, H-, N-, S-  or optional O, Cl - analysis

Innovative universal instrument for the determination of the element contents in organic and most inorganic solids and liquids (capsule sealing press as accessory).

Optimized for the measurement of micro samples in the weighing range of 0.03 mg up to approx. 10 mg organic substance, but also applicable e.g. for 300 mg soil.
Automatic sample feeder for 120 samples, in single and permanent operation; reloadable at any time during operation.
Blank free sample injection by means of the ball-valve with He-purging based on a Heraeus patent.
Time controlled combustion in pure oxygen with a permanent temperature of max. 1200°C.  This high furnace temperature is a prerequisite for 100% recovery in S- and O-analysis.
For special applications like high temperature pyrolysis a temperature of up to 1400°C can be applied (option).

The separation of the combustion gases will be done by means of a completely new method, the temperature programmed desorption -TPD (patent applied for).
From the combustion gas the components CO2, H2O and SO2 are adsorbed at one heatable column, whereas N2 gets directly to the TCD.

Depending on the specific desorption temperatures the gas components are controlled and chronologically released and detected.
Thus, a peak separation to the baseline e.g. for CO2 and N2 can be reached even with a concentration ratio of 5000:1
.Analysis run of approx. 10 minutes for CHNS precision measurements, self-optimizing by the signal intensity with low gas consumption.
Detection of the measuring gases with a wide-range thermistor TCD that is destruction-proof against oxygen. Almost maintenance free detector function over many years. Unproblematic analysis of fluorinated samples within a regular sample mix.
In connection with an electronic massflow controller directly before the detector an excellent long time stability is reached. The furnished instrument calibration can be used for months or even years.For special measuring tasks, like oxygen, chlorine, sulfur in the low ppm-range or isotopic analysis, additional detectors like IR-photometers or mass spectrometers can be used.
Modern electronics and instrument software under Windows® XP professional or 2000 for the user friendly operation and data evaluation of the analyzer (English or German) via a connected PC.

Integrated user maintenance software with automatic leak test, wake-up/sleep function, direct data export into Excel® and connection to LIMS and other data networks.
Special software package (optional) in compliance with the requirements of FDA acc. to 21 CFR Part 11.
All operation functions and checks incl. gas flows and pressures are digitally controlled and/or readout capable. Thus a remote diagnosis and operation via the internet is possible.
Easy to maintain and cost efficient long term operation. High safety standard, e.g. by low voltage in the entire instrument incl. furnaces.

10 years furnace guarantee.

Analysis modes:

  • CHNS, CHN, CNS, CN, N, S
  • O, Cl - optional


Measuring ranges absolute*: C: 0  -  approx. 7 mg (or 100 %)
H: 0  -  approx. 1 mg (or 100 %)
N: 0  -  approx. 2 mg (or 100 %)
S: 0  -  approx. 2 mg (or 100 %)


Precision*: Element contents SD (abs.)
0.01 % (100ppm)

± 10 ppm

0.1 % ± 0.005
1 % ± 0.01 - 0.02
10 % ± 0.05 - 0.1
50 % ± 0.05 - 0.1
90 % ± 0.1 - 0.2

*depending on analysis mode and sample matrix

Dimensions (WxDxH): 480 x 550 x 550 mm
Weight: approx. 65 kg net
Nominal voltage: 230 / 110 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Connected load:
1.8 k