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Bioreactors and Fermenters

The company Abacus Analytical Systems GmbH is the exclusive representative of Applikon Biotechnology in Russia and CIS countries.

Applikon Biotechnology is a world leader in developing and supplying advanced bioreactor systems from laboratory scale to production scale. We are the only company that can take a customer from the initial screening stage up to full-scale production using the same platform. This minimizes scale-up risks and guarantees the shortest time to market for our customers' new product development.

Applikon is known for bringing new technologies to the market. These new technologies offer advantages in process efficiency for research and development as well as pilot plant and production scale processes.

Applikon Biotechnology is unique in the mini and micro bioreactor range. No other company can offer a complete solution on this very small scale. We develop systems on a small scale that generate results that can be scaled to production scale. At the moment there are thousands of Applikon bioreactors used in the world from small scale R&R up to full scale cGMP production.

All products are supplied with a full package of documentation (IQ, OQ), that provides compliance cGMP, GAMP and FDA.


The advantages of working with equipment Applikon for large enterprises and scientific institutions:

  • The Applikon company represents a full line of bioreactors for a variety working modes: sterilized or single-use bioreactors with a volume of 0.1 ml to 2000 liters or more, compatible control software, controllers of different power.
  • Strategy of investment protection: once bought controller can control a wide range of  volumes of reactors and features, including the newly acquired equipment of competitors. The modular design allows all the reactors for a long time to develop economically and convert to the new processes once the purchased device.
  • The presence of complete cassette microreactor for few milliliters. In every microreactor made temperature control, the concentration of dissolved oxygen, pH, made an independent supply of gas. This is especially important at the laboratory stage optimization of cultivation and fermentation.
  • Openness of Applikon company to cooperation with leading companies in the sector: best developments of other firms based of legal agreements are integrated into Applikon family. Examples: biomass sensor, disposable bags, disposable reactors on a swinging platform, one-time large volumes of reactors and so on.