Autoclave SST 20 - 110 l

The stirred tank reactor (STR) is the most widely used bioreactor type. Abacus offers a unique product as an autoclavable stainless steel bioreactor for cell culture and microbial culture applications.


The bioreactors are versatile, easy to use systems that offer economical alternatives to steam-in-place bioreactors and fermentors The Bio Clave range combines the advantages of both the steam-in place bioreactor (robust design and pressurizable) and the glass autoclavable bioreactors (flexibility and modularity). The 316L stainless steel vessels are constructed according to the latest standard on hygienic processing and cGMP. The interior finish of the vessel is electropolished to Ra=0.4µm, while the exterior is mirror polished. The high-grade surface finish secures a better cleanability. The systems are built according to the specific demands of a process using an extensive array of standard components. Because of the modularity and flexibility, the user can always adapt the systems to changed process demands. This results in low initial investment and low running costs.

The bioreactor and fermentor are available in 20, 70 and 110 liter total volume. All systems are equipped with a top driven stirrer who can be either a magnetically coupled or a lipsealed stirrer system.

Bioreactors and fermentors

Bio Clave bioreactor and fermentor systems are designed for maximum flexibility in setting up. The reactor headplate only has entry ports and no welded pipes. This means that the systems can be completely customized for the user's application. When the application changes, the bioreactor set-up can easily be adapted to the changed process demands. Headplates are made of 316L stainless steel and all parts in the bioreactors have an electropolished finish that ensures reliable cleanability of the vessel and components. Vessels can be used up to 3.1 barg of overpressure.
Lipseal or Magnetic Stirrers.


Ports: Head plate: 1x69.2mm,3x1.5"TC,4x27 & 3x16mm- Upper Side Wall: 5x27mm - Lower Side Wall: 5xDN25

Bio Clave 20L Bio Clave 70L Bio Clave 110L
Bio Clave reactor type 20 liter 70 liter 110 liter
Inner Diameter 211 mm 316 mm 370 mm
Inner Height (max.) 631 mm 957 mm 1043 mm
Liquid Height (working vol.) 444 mm 678 mm 764 mm
Ports Head Space section 5 x 27 mm 5 x 27 mm 5 x 27 mm
Ports Bottom section 5 x DN 25 5 x DN 25 5 x DN 25
Ports Head Plate:
1 x 69 mm 1 x 69 mm 1 x 69 mm
3 x 16 mm 3 x 16 mm 3 x 16 mm
4 x 27 mm 4 x 27 mm 4 x 27 mm
3 x 1.5"TC 3 x 1.5"TC 3 x 1.5"TC
Autoclave Space (HxD) 1200 x 400 mm 1900 x 600 mm 1985 x 650 mm
Overall height reactor 715 mm 1022 mm 1110 mm
Total Volume 20 liter 70 liter 110 liter
Working Volume 15 liter 50 liter 80 liter
Min. Working Volume 4 liter 13 liter 21 liter
H/D Total 3 3 3
H-D Work Vol. 2.2 2.2 2.2
Design Pressure Reactor 4.1 bar 4.1 bar 4.1 bar
Test Pressure Reactor 4.8 bar 4.8 bar 4.8 bar
Design Pressure Jacket 6.2 bar 6.2 bar 6.2 bar
Test Pressure Jacket 11.2 bar 11.2 bar 11.2 bar
Max. Temperature Reactor 130 °C 130 °C 130 °C

Vessel Volumes

Type Total volume Working volume Minimum working volume H/D ratio total volume H/D ratio working volume
20 21.9 14.6 4.4 3.0 2.0
70 74.2 49.5 13.7 3.0 2.0
110 110.0 73.3 20.3 2.8 1.9

Vessel Construction

  • Interior Finish EP to Ra=0.8µm
  • Exterior Mirror Polish
  • Designed to ASME, Sec.VIII, Div.1
  • Flush Mounted Longitudinal sight glass
  • H:D Total Volume 3.1