Special projects from 1000 l

Special projects from 1000-l

When customer demands cannot be fulfilled with our standard product offerings, we move  the request into our projects department. This department consists of project managers, mechanical-, electronic- and software engineers as well as bioprocess engineers. They are specialized in building custom solutions for our customers. Projects can range from very special mini bioreactors to a complete line of cGMP production systems ranging up to several thousand liters volume tanks.

Key to the success of these projects is our experience of over 25 years building customized bioreactor solutions in combination with clear communication with the project team of the customer. We have developed special tools for communication and open information exchange within the project team. This ensures that everybody is working with the same up-to-date information all the time. The result of this approach is a customized bioreactor system that is delivered on time and completely according to the customer's specifications.
Over the past 25 years we have generated a large library of customized solutions for a variety of specific demands. This guarantees that we can supply our customers with a proven solution for virtually all process demands.

Since we are standardized on supplying products for the pharmaceutical industry, all our products and processes are fully documented. Our ISO 9001 certificate underlines the high quality level of our work and accompanying documentation.

The presence of an interactive group of reliable manufacturers of equipment not manufactured by Abacus, makes perform turn key projects as well.

Special projects from 1000l

  • Enhanced Pilot thru Production Capabilities
  • cGMP Design / Build Projects Group
  • Expanded Service Program
  • Collaborative Project Team Approach