Webinar "Nitrogen/Protein Analysis - Dumas method vs Kjeldahl method" Sept. 9, 2020, 11-00 MT

Abacus and Elementar are invite you to webinar "Nitrogen / Protein Analysis in Foods -
Dumas method vs Kjeldahl method" September 9, 2020, 11-00 Moscow time


Protein content is an important indicator of food quality and nutritional value declaration. Protein is determined based on the total nitrogen content of a food sample using two main methods: the Dumas method and the Kjeldahl method. Both methods have proven themselves well, are highly accurate and reliable and can be used as reference methods. Due to the fast sample preparation and short analysis time, the Dumas method can be used as a routine method. It is becoming more common in protein analysis, replacing the more labor and time consuming Kjeldahl method.

In this webinar, we will compare the technical characteristics of the Dumas and Kjeldahl methods and discuss their advantages and disadvantages. We will present the analysis of various foods using both methods, and compare both methods. In addition, we will showcase the Dumas-specific Elementar nitrogen and protein analysis solutions, rapid N exceed and rapid MAX N exceed. The principle of their work will be demonstrated, you will get acquainted with their unique and useful functions. Join the webinar to find out how easy and accurate nitrogen and protein analysis can be!

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Welcome to our webinar!

Abacus and Elementar teams.

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  • With the greatest regret we report the demise of Karl-Heinz Fischer

    Karl-Heinz Fischer


    Karl-Heinz Fischer

    06/18/1937 - 03/31/2020

    Eternal memory to him!

    Elena V. Rybakovaand the team of Abacus GmbH
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