Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry

GC-MS has been widely heralded as a "gold standard" for substance identification in complex compound. But conventional laboratory GC-MS are too bulky, difficult and consume a lot of energy.


The TRIDION™-9 is the world's smallest person portable GC-MS, which is fast, reliable, and easy to use. The integrated system features a low thermal mass capillary gas chromatograph with high-speed temperature programming and a miniaturized toroidal ion trap mass spectrometer (TMS) with a mass range from 50 to 500 Daltons. Samples are injected using a novel CUSTODION® solid phase microextraction (SPME) fiber syringe or a needle trap (CUSTODION-NT).  

The entire TRIDION-9 GC-MS system is totally self-contained, weighs -15 kg, and is rechargeable battery operated. It is easy to operate with a color touch screen user interface or a simple three button navigation.

The TRIDION-9 GC-MS is ideal for rapid screening of chemicals including environmental volatiles and semivolatiles (VOCs/SVOCs), explosives, chemical warfare agents, hazardous substances and for use in food safety and industrial applications.

  • Dimensions: 38 cm x 39 cm x 23 cm
  • Weight: <14.5 kg or 32 lbs (including battery)
  • Power: Peak ~120 W; Average ~ 60 W
  • Sample Introduction: SPME or Direct Liquid
  • GC: MXT-5, 5 m x 0.1 mm x 0.4 mm
  • Temperature Programmable GC
  • Electronic Pressure Control
  • Ion Trap: Toroidal Ion Trap MS
  • Electron Ionization: Internal~70eV
  • Vacuum:  turbo molecular/diaphragm pump
  • Ion Trap Heater: 150°C– 180°C
  • Mass Range:  45 to 500 Daltons
  • Resolution: Amplitude Scanning
    0.43 at m/z 134 (n-butylbenzene)
    0.53 at m/z 284/286 (hexachlorobenzene)

Torion must not only be the leader in field portable GC-MS, but also the leader in field portable sampling solutions and identification support tools.

CUSTODION® Sampling Products

Fiber Sampling Syringe allows:

  • One handed sampling operations
  • Ability to perform in bulky personal protective equipment
  • Easy to use
  • Fast sampling times

CUSTODION sampling products consist of 4 main product offerings:

  • CUSTODION-SPME (solid phase microextraction) for semi-quantitative analysis of liquid samples, headspace above liquid or solid samples, and gaseous samples
  • CUSTODION-ADS (accelerated diffusion sampler) for sampling contamination on solid surfaces
  • CUSTODION-CT (conventional trap) for collection of gas samples followed by thermal desorption and collection onto a needle trap
  • CUSTODION-NT (needle trap) for sampling and quantitative analysis of gaseous samples

FUZION™-3 Sample Prep Station

  • Portable:
    –    Weight 10.05 lbs
    –    Size: 12.5” x 10.8” x 7.8”
    –    On-Board Helium Gas Supply
    –    Battery Power: 15 runs
    –    Key Pad Operation
    –    LCD  
  • Multiple Functions
    –    Internal Standard (IS)
    –    Sample Desorption (SD)
    –    Heated Headspace (HS)
    –    Purge & Trap (PT)


CHROMION® software is designed to enhance the simple operation of the TRIDION-9™ portable GC-MS instrument. The CHROMION software suite includes tools that allow the operator easy access for downloading GC-MS data files, updating target compound libraries, changing method parameters, and viewing GC-MS data files.  CHROMION utilizes sophisticated deconvolution capabilities that allow compounds to be identified and quantified even when they are not resolved chromatographically.  Torion has develop unique algorithms that allow mass spectral data collected on the TRIDION toroidal ion trap to be compared directly to library data collected on quadrupole mass spectrometers.

You also get full quantitation capability along with full instrument control with CHROMION software.  While the TRIDION-9 is designed to be operated from the on-board screen and keyboard, CHROMION software gives you full control of all instrument parameters along with the ability to perform standard quantitative analyses and library searches.


  • Environmental
  • Petrochem
  • Food
  • Beverage production
  • Industrial
  • Quality of the products
  • Academic research
  • First responders
  • Defense

Torion can give you the following advantages for your analyses:

  • Field portable sampling of air, water or solid samples
  • Fast total time; sample collection, preparation and analysis in less than 10 min
  • Immediate results; no need to transport samples to lab and wait
  • Immediate availability of results to make time critical decision rapidly

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