UltiMate® 3000 LCi Series. Intelligent Solutions for Performance, Reliability, and Ease of Use

The UltiMate 3000 intelligent LC (LCi) series delivers significant improvements in performance while simultaneously maintaining easy and reliable operation. Select from a wide range of modules to optimize your systems for numerous applications: from Rapid Separation LC (RSLC) for ultrafast high-resolution separations to sensitive nanoflow LC/MS. Whichever configuration you choose, you will get a highly integrated solution with optimum fluidic connections, single-point intelligent control through Chromeleon® software, and seamless intermodule communication.

UltiMate 3000 Intelligent LC System wins IBO Gold award for best new product.

Key Features and Benefits

  • RSLC for Ultrafast/high resolution LC applications
  • Superior chromatographic performance
  • Unique x2 dual system for ultrahigh throughput
  • Decreased run times, even for validated methods
  • Automated off-line multidimensional separations
  • High instrument utilization times
  • Ease of use

Intelligent LC - LCi - Solutions


  • Rapid Separation Systems
    • Quaternary Rapid Separation
    • Binary Rapid Separation
    • x2 Dual Rapid Separation
  • Standard Systems
    • Quaternary Analytical
    • Binary Analytical
    • Biocompatible Analytical
    • Basic Manual and Automated
  • Micro Systems
    • Quaternary Micro
    • Binary Micro
    • Overview Preparative Systems
    • Binary Semipreparative Systems
    • Quaternary Nano, Capillary, and Micro Systems
  • x2 Dual LC Systems
    • x2 Dual Rapid Separation
    • x2 Dual Analytical
    • x2 Dual Micro
    • x2 Dual Nano, Capillary and Micro



  • Quaternary Rapid Separation Pump
  • Binary Rapid Separation Pump
  • Dual-Gradient Rapid Separation Pump
  • Quaternary Analytical Pump
  • Binary Analytical Pump
  • Isocratic Analytical Pump
  • Dual-Gradient Analytical Pump
  • Quaternary Micro Pump
  • Dual-Gradient Micro Pump
  • Quaternary Nano, Capillary and Micro Pump
  • Dual-Gradient Nano, Capillary and Micro Pump
  • Binary Semipreparative Pump

Autosamplers and Injectors

  • Rapid Separation Autosampler
  • Analytical Autosampler
  • Analytical Autosampler with Column Compartment
  • Analytical Autosampler with Fraction Collector
  • Semipreparative Autosampler
  • Nano, Capillary, and Micro Autosampler
  • Manual Injectors
  • Nano, Capillary, and Micro Autosampler
  • Biocompatible Analytical Autosampler
  • Biocompatible Analytical Autosampler with Fraction Collector

Column Compartments and Flow Managers

  • Overview Column Compartments and Flow Managers
  • Thermostatted Column Compartment
  • Rapid Separation Thermostatted Column Compartment
  • Analytical Autosampler with Column Compartment
  • Nano, Capillary, and Micro Flow Manager


  • Overview Detectors
  • Diode Array Detector
  • Multiple Wavelength Detector
  • Variable Wavelength Detector
  • Refractive Index Detector
  • Fluorescence Detector
  • Mass Spectrometer

Other Modules

  • Overview Other Modules
  • Solvent Rack
  • Probot Micro Fraction Collector/Spotter
  • Foxy R1 Fraction Collector


  • Chromeleon Chromatography Management System