Process on-line Analysers Integral


Dionex process analytical systems are used worldwide to provide more timely analysis results by moving liquid chromatography based measurements on-line. The Integral process analytical platform can help you reduce reporting delays, improve process throughput and efficiency, and reduce downtime with the information the system provides. Dionex has 25 years of experience installing on-line IC and HPLC capabilities in a wide range of industries to meet our customers' measurement requirements. Dionex Process Analytical (PA) systems provide more comprehensive, precise, and accurate information than can be provided by other process analyzers, and does so faster and at a higher frequency than is possible with laboratory-based results. Faster, more comprehensive information benefits process engineers responsible for plant performance in facilities both large and small, from the R&D lab bench to the factory floor.

Characterize Your Samples Completely with Multicomponent Analysis

See the complete picture. Don't rely on single component or bulk property measurements to decide how well your process is operating. A major benefit of liquid chromatography is its ability to determine multiple analytes in one analytical run. Separate organic acids from anions such as chloride and sulfate, determine alkali and alkaline earth metals along with a variety of amines and ammonia, speciate metals, or profile biological compounds, each in a matter of minutes. UHPLC analyses can even be performed in seconds with our new Rapid Separation LC (RSLC) systems.

Save Sample Collection Time with Automated Sampling at Multiple Points

Save time and labor by eliminating grab sampling. Dionex Integral systems can support up to 21 individual sample lines directed to the analyzer for automated sequential or random access analyses. Closed sampling systems protect the sample from the environment and protect personnel from exposure to the samples. No more time-consuming cleaning, labeling, and transferring of sample containers to central laboratories. Analyze your stream, not your bottle.

Improve Your Process Control with More Precise Results

Continuously operating systems are more stable systems. This is true for analyzers as well as industrial processes. Fully automated analytical results from the Integral system provide consistent information, day in and day out, with precise, accurate analysis of fresh samples and long-term system stability.

See More Analytes with Unique Detection Capabilities

Determine a wide range of analytes using proven Dionex Reagent-Free ion chromatography (RFIC), HPLC, and RSLC systems. Suppressed conductivity detection is a powerful method for the determination of hundreds of ionic species; even at ppt concentration levels. UV-vis, fluorescence, CAD, RI, and electrochemical detection capabilities add to the powerful detection options offered for on-line ion chromatography and HPLC analysis.

The Integral Migration Path Lets You Choose the Systems that Best Meet Your Needs

Our Integral Migration Path approach enables you to use on-line IC/HPLC to generate timely, high resolution information when monitoring a small scale reactor in a process R&D lab, testing the production of tomorrow's new product in a pilot plant, or improving current processes in a manufacturing plant. No matter what the application, Integral has the versatility to place a solution using on-line IC/HPLC wherever and whenever it is needed.

Integral Process Analyzers for IC

Integral systems provide a versatile and adaptable approach to on-line IC. An unsurpassed range of Reagent-Free IC (RFIC) systems and IC capabilities combine with configurable sampling systems and adaptable off-the-shelf industrial enclosure options.

Integral Process Analyzers for HPLC

Integral systems provide a versatile and adaptable approach to on-line HPLC systems. An unsurpassed range of HPLC capabilities, including UHPLC and biocompatible systems, combines with configurable sampling systems and adaptable off-the-shelf industrial enclosure options.