Chromeleon PA

Chromeleon® PA 6.80 provides Integral™ analyzer control, data acquisition, and data reporting with a versatile software interface for viewing analyzer status, handling alarms, and reporting results.

Chromeleon PA

See Real-Time Instrument Status
Real-time monitoring is available for your process streams. View sample analysis results and system status clearly through the graphical user interface. Monitor multisystem performance from one location. Access details easily with a few mouse clicks or keystrokes.

Maximize System Performance with Complete Analyzer Control
The software can be configured to control up to four individual systems, configured in up to four analyzers. Key features include automatic sampling from up to 21 different sample streams, full system control, and intelligent, automated error handling. Sample stream selection and analysis frequency is user programmable. All analyzer components are controlled from the software. Check standards and calibration standards are automatically scheduled to ensure accuracy of analytical results.

Practical and Versatile Results Reporting
Historical trend data and real-time data acquisition provide the ability to track process variations. Multiple analytes can be displayed. Scheduled and manual results reporting capabilities are all user-configurable. All raw data is stored in a secure database with complete audit trail support. Results-based events and hardware alarms are automatically handled using preprogrammed conditional responses. Specific actions can be defined for individual analytes and samples. Hardware alarm actions are isolated to each analyzer channel. Annunciators (lights, bells) can be configured on the analyzer or routed to external devices.

Industry-Standard Communications
Chromeleon® PA supports versatile data transfer to industrial information systems using either an optional OPC (OLE for process control) Server for reporting and analyzer control, or text file exporting of user-defined reports.

Regulatory Compliance
For customers operating under the oversight of regulatory agencies such as the US FDA, rest assured that Chromeleon® PA was designed to meet the requirements of 21CFR, Part 11. It has been validated, provides logon ID and password protected security linked to authorization levels controlled by the system administrator and an audit trail for logging of all operations.